Troops of Tomorrow 2021 Is Out Now

Dominate returns to the latest collection titled “Troops of Tomorrow” that goes in heavy graphic, bright colors, and bold, nor youthful-yet-flamboyant designs. The brand has a visually intrinsic way of incorporating creativity into this collection.

The new lineup comes from a selection of loose-fitting, unisex streetwear staples are incorporated, most of which are scored with prominent Dominate branding. As a group of creatives, Dominate is inspired by various perceptions and ideologies for this collection. Some design is taking cues from across the performance and utility spectrum, frequently dabbling in the military and workwear-inspired garments that prioritize leisure, comfortability, and functionality.

Entitled “Troops of Tomorrow”, the collection was influenced by the 1982 album by Scottish Punk Band The Exploited which incorporates the idea of troops of tomorrow that shape Dominate's identity and spirit.

The collection consists of t-shirts, a jersey, fleece multi-pocket jacket, packable half-zip jacket, cagoule jacket, pullover hoodie, crewneck, carpenter pants, leisure shorts, sweatpants, and many more. Another highlight is Dominate has teamed up with the 90s sextet punk band from Jakarta, Waiting Room formed by Eka Annash, Buluk, Ibob, Irfanno, Juan, dan Chandra.

Check out the lookbook for Dominate’s Troops of Tomorrow collection above! Eyes up and no snooze!

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Dominate 2021 / Troops of Tomorrow.