We invites you on a journey through time and poetry with its latest Spring/Summer 24 collection: Ozymandias.

Inspired by Percy Bysshe Shelley's iconic 1818 sonnet, the Ozymandias Collection epitomizes the epitaph of style. Each garment carefully tailored to captures the essence of impermanence and the passage of time, echoing the poet's profound reflection on the transience of power and downfalls trough time, From graphic motifs echoing the enigmatic tale of a fallen king's empire to silhouette details that capture the essence of poetic juxtaposition, every piece in this collection is a creation in its own right.

In Ozymandias, the collection boasts an exquisite array of pieces that redefine contemporary style. From the MA-1 jacket adorned with twisted details to the BDU jacket featuring an elegant fusion of mixed materials, every creation is a testament to Dominate's peerless commitment to our craft.

The Ozymandias Collection also introduces classic shirts with bold fabric pattern clashes, inviting our users to embrace individuality and challenge the status quo. Meanwhile, iconic jacket styles like the Type 1 and Omega are reimagined with Dominate's signature blend of progressive design and timeless allure.

As a beacon of sartorial excellence, Dominate endeavour  to make a pieces that transcends the constraints of time. With the Ozymandias Collection, Dominate invites you to indulge in a progrssive ideas and sophistication, where each garment is a pieces in its own right. Overall, Ozymandias is a confirmation to Dominate's commitment to creating and thought-provoking graphics and garments.