Questioning All The Status Quo by Angga Anggur | Dominate with Seven Sunday Films

Seven Sunday Films, a Southeast Asia-based full fledge film production company collaborating with Jakarta-based lifestyle brand, Dominate has just crafted a short narrative film.

A highlight of the short film is accessibility which means controlling everything, and algorithms interfere the mindset. It’s like the future life driven by AI and pre-cyberpunk things. Furthermore, this film delivers the anxiety that is stitched with a sarcastic narration of the potential ‘Do-It-Yourself’ culture mainly dominated by technology because it decreases human instincts and identity.

Dominate as a brand represents quality, spirit, and attitude which influences many individuals out there, and its values combined with Seven Sunday Films’ art seamlessly into one great visual narrative.

this short film is directed by Angga, Angga has directed many tv commercial, digital content projects for clients such as Danamon, Sunlife, Fujifilm, Permata Bank and many more, He still loved doing to make music video and some experimental project. Angga has won some award as best film director for commercial and best music video in Indonesia. As Director he will oversee the project making sure the story will blended with the brand message remains strong and clear.

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