Dominate's First-Ever NFT Is a Journey Into Digitalism

From watches and fragrances to artworks and memes — everything's an NFT nowadays. So, what would NFT cool look like? We got the answer and it's pretty wild.

So, we make our first venture into the NFT space. Through ‘Target’ design and some iconic graphics such as Soundsystem, Haile Selassie The Emperor, Dominate's Lion of Heart, and more, this collage artwork explores the idea of digitalism via Dominate’s identity. The result is powerful graphics and super-cool items.

As newly minted NFTs of varying quality continue to flood the market, we offer 10 remarkable artwork series alongside the latest conceptual, and today, the artwork is now available at TokoMall by Toko Crypto. You can have the original and will receive the authenticity certificate. Click this link to get more information.