Dominate re imagines Casio’s G-SHOCK 5600-P
The concept consists of a military-inspired design
that features a stainless-steel back cover engraved with Dominate
bullseye and ‘Join the Brigade’ tagline, electro luminescent back -
light technology, and water and shock resistance and the thick wire face
protector known as a Bullbar, isn’t as common as it used to be. It
used to be included with some early G-Shock models and became
a popular accessory in the 1990s with skateboarders and military users.
The timekeepers come in a matte black resin case with an
orange-colored band. Equipped with a tide graph and moon data capabilities,
the collaborative timepiece can be worn for all-terrain activities.
G-SHOCK and Dominate share the same values and DNA that represent toughness and brand spirit.
The idea came from the MA-1 jacket which is the all-time favorite construction design of Dominate.
In addition to blends the value, it took the time to put together this
collaboration design between Dominate and G-SHOCK as a twisted idea of how the MA-1 Bomber Jacket transformed into watches.

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