Dominate just released its latest 2022 collection entitled “Complete Control” .

This collection is consisting sleek aesthetics that are underpinned by technical perfection in the form of windproof, lightweight construction, and a range of heavy graphic.

Effortlessly stylish whilst also being highly functional, Dominate combines timeless colors with tasteful silhouettes and materials to provide something that can be worn every day, come rain or shine, and look incredibly stylish doing so.

The brands not only use mil-spec as a driving force behind their vision but it’s embedded in their very DNA and everything they do.

This capsule combines everyday style, practicality for the outdoors, mil-spec, sportswear, and responsible manufacturing to create a forward-facing release for others who share a similar desire with its way of dressing.

By constantly testing and experimenting with its designs, no item is ever "finished" in the traditional sense. The label is in a consistent game of one-upmanship with itself, trying to find the adjustments that will make an item more practical. Collections by the brand will see the same items which are repeated and updated, each time with new tweaks.

Consisting of outerwear, accessories, and bottom, this comprehensive drop will have you ready to tackle the outdoors activity, regardless of if it’s a hometown or the mountains.

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